dimanche 14 août 2016

Open letter to People of United State of America

Two hundred and forty years ago, our two nations were inspired by the same philosophies and nourished the same hopes of revolution, permitting the end of tyranny and the beginning of liberty.

A mere beginning, since it's a long and rocky road, ridden with many obstacles and ambushes that leads to Freedom. We still haven't got there !

I would like to take some time to explain the actual condition for Freedom ; it is the power garanted to the People of a nation to elaborate their own laws and vote on them ; this same power needs to enable citizens to nominate and remove their political leaders. And yet, there is another matter at stake in the conquest of Freedom for all of Mankind :

Peace !

This is the reason that drives a humble French citizen such as myself to beseech you to vote for Donald Trump, unless you choose to conquer peace and true democracy together through another revolution.

Unfortunately, I'm not confident that the majority of American citizens are ready to manage a peaceful, legitimate and powerful revolution and that's why I pledge to you to vote for Donald Trump and to then control his actions after he takes office, in order to guarantee the peace.

It is true that French political dissidents look upon Donald Trump as a circus clown. But he's a self-made circus clown who revealed extremely important information to you as a people about Hillary Clinton. For us, she's a psychopath. She yearns for World War III and is already responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths all over the world. Yet how many American citizens are aware of this ?

In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine we are witness to rivers of blood reddening the earth, but nobody seems to attempt to vote in favour of peace in your country. For my own, The United States of America are like a new Roman Empire. If in France we need to judge traitors to the people such as François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy before a Court, for the crime of intelligence with foreign powers, you need to judge by your ballot, with the full power of the Law and with all your wits the entire panel of your political leaders who have made themselves guilty of meddling in other nations' affairs, and of crimes of genocide. It is an emergency for the entire world that you realise how disastrous the geopolitical situation really is due to the crimes perpetrated by US neocons, who include Hillary Clinton.

French people prefer a circus clown who says things as they are and wants to stop provocating Russia and to withdraw from interfering in the Middle East and in Europe, over a psychopath. We yearn for peace, it's our priority , and we believe it to be that of all human beings who are alive today.

We beseech, you, choose peace using all the weapons of peace you possess.

At the very least, vote for Trump.

Avec l'aimable soutien pour les corrections de Lawrence.

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  1. Bravo Sylvain, j'aurais écrit la même lettre si tu ne l'avais pas fait, merci pour tous les pacifistes de France. Une autre action pour la Paix dans le Monde : ☼ Pétition à signer et à faire signer → www.ipetitions.com/petition/wwiii-guerres-marc-jutier-appel-des-100 (120 signatures, le 14 août ) Marc Jutier


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